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Special Foods for Cats with IAMS Mouth

We kept our “iams mouth kitties” alive for months longer than we originally thought possible by feeding them foods which were first blended and then strained through a tea-ball. Some of them will only eat CostCo canned chicken prepared this way, and some prefer soft cat food. We only use Friskies since being informed (by […]

RIP Fabulous Celebrity SpokesCreature Bruce Vilanch

UPDATE:  Bruce died peacefully at 3:30am on the 27th. Thank you to everyone for your prayers and help. Both made a huge difference in his life and ours. This is the way we want to remember Bruce Vilanch. As a big, healthy, sweet bear of a pussycat, much beloved by all. He liked to eat, […]

eFur Hospice Care: George Clooney

It’s hard to lose any of our babies, but this one is especially difficult. George Clooney was one of our first permanent residents, and got his name because he’s the only cat we’ve ever seen with stalkers. Don’t know why, but the girls followed him everywhere, crying for his attention. Always love at first sight, […]

eFur Hospice Care: Camryn Manheim

Fabulous Celebrity SpokesCreature Camryn Manheim was Valentina and someone else’s kitten when she came to us. We got a desperate plea from a man who said she was dying and the doctors couldn’t figure out why. Would we please take a look at her and see if there was anything we could do? This was […]

eFur Adoptions: Bruce & Squirrel

Moose & Squirrel were inseparable for years, though no relation (we do find that siblings remain close, if allowed). When Moose died, Squirrel was inconsolable, and soon began clinging to Bruce. All of our kitties seem to know that Bruce Vilanch is dying, and each is spending quality time with him. But Squirrel is taking […]

eFur Adoptions: Triumph

Triumph is healthy and happy but in need of virtual parenting. He’s never been out for adoption because, well, people just don’t like his attitude. Personally, I love it, but to each his or her own. Though most think I’m making this up, I swear by all that is holy, Triumph actually barks like a […]

eFur Adoptions: Secretariat

Secretariat has tried to live on my keyboard and control my mouse since she was a wee thing. Although physically healthy, we’ve never been able to find a permanent home for her. She went out for adoption at about ten weeks but was re-dumped on our doorstep five days later, with no explanation. She went […]

eFur: And Starring Christopher Walken As the Continental

And Starring Christopher Walken As the Continental is the craziest pussycat in the entire history of crazy pussycats. He was a tiny thing when he found us. Maybe four weeks old. He arrived shortly after a 4th of July, which told us he was probably scared away from his momma because of fireworks, and then […]